Friday, January 7, 2011

Chain saws I have known and loved.- Don't leave home without one.

Currently I have 4 chain saws. A smart student of wood would probably have 2.
When I was tougher I used to carry the Pioneer 610 into the bush with a toboggan and some gas and fell and pull out a tree in a few hours.
As time progressed the saw became suddenly quite heavy and I yearned for a lighter machine.
Enter the Husky 353 - 18" with decompression button and easy start and much lighter.
It's a 3.2 hp (53 cc) engine but just barely enough power when hilted in a trunk. (11 lbs)
I could put a longer blade on it but why?
I would suggest nothing less than 75 cc next time like the Husqvarna 372XP (5.4 hp) at 15 lbs.
That was a trade off in that I have less power now to run a large blade but have the advantage of not lugging the big machine most of the time.
If I were buying it again I would opt for more power and at least a 22" blade.
The little electric is quite handy and works just fine on a good 14/2 cord that's not over 20 feet long.
After that the little motor starts getting grumpy
The last one not shown is a little 15" gas  that I reserve specifically for cutting roots etc where the blade contacts the dirt.
Nothing puts a chain to sleep faster than a bit of dirt.

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