Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maximising space in the small shop

I'm still trying to organise my clamps and keep them within reach but out of the workspace.
I find it is harder than it looks.
I have about thirty or fourty small clamps that I use for various projects. Until now I kept them in a box and it was not working for me that well expecially for glue ups.

I whacked this together this morning:

If I leave the four corner clamps until last I can remove any or all of the other clamps from the holder withone hand.... of course if I put 4 dowels on the corners I could remove them all. ...Maybe tomorrow;-)
Here's a crib for some of my most used screwdrivers and chisels.
The boxes are on piano hinge and mounted under my cupboards. I fastenened them up with bent wire hooks to leave the shelf over my dust collector pipe free to handle some hammers.

From small parts hangers
Here they are open.

From small tool storage

Here's one for my spring clamps.
From small tool storage

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