Monday, February 21, 2011

Every home needs a hamburger press.

I know you can buy these things but I hate shopping and feel the need to justify my tool purchases.
I took a bit of hard maple and and routed a dish out on one piece and turned a plunger on the other. I glued the plunger into the top and trimmed the edges for a hinge. I rounded over the corners and applied some light mineral oil. I will "die cut" some plastic separaters to put in the bottom to get the meat out in one piece this week.
p.s. I burned the maple a bit cutting the finger pulls. It's beginning to be my trademark.

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  1. Hello Bob,
    I came across some pictures of a folding chair / ladder project. I'm looking to make a chair like that and haven't yet found a sent of plans.

    Would you be able to direct me to a set off plans?