Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bandsaw V Jig for cutting round materials Safely.

From bandsaw V jig
One of the routine tasks I use my bandsaw for is cutting tubes and wooden dowels to length.
Quite often if you don't have a jig or cradle of some kind to hold your stock the cut is crooked and in some cases the stock jumps on the blade and can either break it or give you quite a scare or both.
Today I made a small jig from a piece of 2 x 6 stock and a scrap of three ply fir plywood.
I can't give you any dimensions for this as each Bandsaw as a different table set up but the procedure is quite straight forward. First take a short piece of 2 x 6 for rough lumber and plan it flat on both sides so it can sit on the plywood without wobbling. You can use a hand plane but in this case I ran it through my jointer. You have to joint one side of this board as the next procedure uses the table saw fence as a guide and outside will rest against it.
Set the blade on the table saw the 45° and section the 2 x 6 board into two equal pieces.
Next, trim the leading edge or sharper edge of the angles so formed off the 2 by 6's and leaving a blunt edge of approximately 1/2 inch to glue the centers together. Grab a couple of 12" clamps and glue these edges to each other. Next trim the plywood on each side to make sure it will ride square to your table.
That is suitable piece of hardwood runner to fit in the slot of your bandsaw table and a line the plywood to the table and screw it to the runner.
Take the V-shaped 2 x 6 bed you just glued together and screw it to the leading edge(closest to the blade) on the plywood.
Crew through the base and V-shaped bed on the bandsaw then remove it and place a screw and each side of the saw cut to stabilize the be bed.
I left the V notcvh long to help with longer stock.
You're done now but should you need a strap or two to prevent your stock from rolling youve got plenty of room on each side of the bed to attach same.

Here's a picture of the finished bed.
From bandsaw V jig
And here's a couple pictures of stock cut using this jig.

From bandsaw V jig

From bandsaw V jig

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